Don Pollack is a Painter and Adjunct Associate Professor of Visual Communication at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work investigates among other things, the relationship between personal mythologies and representation in painting and how it may simultaneously give reference to a narrative. Working in cross disciplines has influenced his perspectives as projects usually begin with extensive historic research followed by an epic journey into the landscape. Conceptually proceeding from the premise that all vision is historic and constructed, Pollack interprets this experience through the use of constructed maps, documents, photographs, paintings, and installations. This work was rooted in a previous investigation into the role of museums in the process of forming collective memory.

Don studied design at the University of Illinois and painting at the Ohio State University where he received his MFA. The state of Illinois has recognized his history based work with a special bicentennial edition of the ‘Order of Abraham Lincoln’ award. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has shown solo shows in, New York, Chicago Atlanta, and Canada.